Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother’s Day!

I, like most people, love my mother. I also happen to respect her immensely. Unfortunately, I don’t share that sentiment with her as much as I should. I’m hoping this reverses that just a little…

I am a product of my mother’s efforts.

And she did good…

I know…I’m not gonna break my arm patting myself (and my brother) on the back here, but if you take an objective look at her two sons, their families and situations, we’re doing great…and nearly all of it, due to a very special woman from Lompoc, California…she deserves the credit for our wonderful lives.

She established high standards, and didn’t give in when we failed to measure up. I sat out an entire year of little league because I got a C on my report card. That hurt…but it never happened again. We learned the meaning of duty and obligation at her knee. We were both alter boys and one year served mass every day during lent. It was the right thing to do.

She raised us to be men, without a man around. She was both our greatest cheerleader and our harshest critic at times. I learned from my mom that I could do anything…all I had to do was try.

She provided opportunities to my brother and me many kids with both parents never see. We played three sports a year every year (well almost…see above), participated in Cub/Boy Scouts until we were 18, went to summer camp every summer, served our local parish as alter boys, helped her deliver Meals-on-Wheels, cleaned houses and offices (ok…we helped a little!), and learned that if you wanted something, all you had to do was work for it.

My biggest motivation in life was making my mom proud. My mantra to my son is “Take care of your women…” it all starts when you’re a boy, trying to make mom proud. I think that’s a good thing…

She always told us she loved us unconditionally…she may not have liked what we did sometimes, but she always let us know she loved us, no matter what happened.

Just like she did. While we were doing a lot of those things I mentioned above, she was putting herself through the local community college’s medical assistant course. She worked very hard to juggle many different jobs and eventually graduated. That meant a better life for us.

She had some help. People were always helping us out with little things…because they loved and respected this woman who worked so hard to raise these two boys, successfully.

It wasn’t always easy…in fact it rarely was, but she did it…and I owe her for it…

So on this Mother’s Day…I just want to say thank-you, mom. I love and respect you more than you know!


Buck Pennington said...

Well said. Your Mom really IS a wonder-woman!

Sam said...

Concur with all. Especially the part about not showing my appreciation and love as much as I should or could.