Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Gonna go watch some stuff get blown up today! F-16 strafing run is on tap as well. Can't wait...

Life continues at a breakneck pace...if that's what passes for breakneck around here. Seeing Dad's picture of one of my old F-16s this morning on his blog makes me more homesick than ever...not for Cannon, mind you, but for the flightline.

My turn will come though. One more year of life here at the logistics center and I'll be (hopefully!) on the line again, or someplace really close to it!

Got Dad's old Yamaha running again...some paperwork drills remain and it will shortly become my daily ride. $30 worth of gas into my truck in two days time of just regular driving around, back and forth to work, makes this a very welcome addition to the garage. Thanks again, Dad!!

Anyway...time to get a very quick workout in and then it's off to watch stuff blow up!