Friday, July 14, 2006

I'm TDY...again...

Learning how the air campaign is born. Lots of stuff I never knew but very imformative. Not sure I'll ever actually be put into a situation where I'd have to put into practice the skills I'm acquiring these two weeks, but sometimes just knowing a thing makes you that much smarter. The phrase "big picture" is a recurring theme in this class and "getting down in the weeds" is nearly verboten. So...I'm learning how to supress my natural tendencies to go straight for the tactical level stuff, where I'm very comfortable, and focus on the task of keeping the objective in mind...

Kinda translates well into everyday life...if you want it to.

Air campaigns are planned with each and every task performed tied to a higher level objective, all the way up to the National Security Strategy, outlined by W himself!

I'm thinking there are a lot of "tasks" performed in my day to day life that don't necessarily "tie" to higher objectives in my life. Hmmmm...time for some introspection?

Hope everything is going well in YOUR is great in mine!