Thursday, July 26, 2007

Continuing advice to my son…

Women deserve respect. Period. They have children, take care of us, work a job inside and outside the house, and generally make life livable. You’ll find no better example than your own mother…

You must ALWAYS respect them and treat them accordingly.

Yeah, I knew that dad…so what’s the big deal, you may ask?

This is the problem:

You have to know that she can do just about anything on her own, but offer to do it for her, knowing…and displaying the knowledge…that she could do it herself. Clear as mud?


Hanging up a picture on the wall.

You know she can hang up a picture. You know YOU should do it. Don’t ever act like she can’t do something. Even if it seems easier for you to do it, don’t make that mistake.

She may use the heel of her shoe to drive a single nail into the wall to hang a 30lb picture, but she’ll get it done. You’d grab wall anchors, measuring tape, appropriate sized screws, cordless drill, etc. and ensure it would hang for decades. Slight difference but the job is done either way…

So why acknowledge the fact she can do it…even if you think/know you can do it better? Aw…pay attention here my boy:

Women don’t need us…we need women. That’s it. If you’d like a long explanation I can provide one, but trust me on this. I truly believe what a great man told me:

Women could stop war in a minute if they wanted to…they really could rule the world, they just let us maintain this current charade to keep us happy and productive.

The bottom line in most relationships is desire to be with each other. If you treat her in any way like she’s not capable of doing stuff you’re telling her she’s inferior and I’d bet next month’s paycheck she isn’t. She’ll resent you. She won’t like you. She will toss you out on your ear. She will show you exactly how much she doesn't need you!

Smart men realize women are more than capable of dealing with everything…then do their best to make sure their women don’t have to deal with anything more than they should.

Side note here…if you truly believe your woman of choice can’t deal with most things:
Move along. She’s not the right woman.

So be that guy...take out the trash, mow the lawn, care for the cars, move heavy stuff, pick-up after yourself and try to keep her happy, all the while knowing she could do all this on her own…and WILL if you act like she can’t…at least until she finds your replacement.


Buck Pennington said...

Good advice. Good to see ya back.

Anonymous said...

I second that emotion... and the opinion too.


Anonymous said...

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