Sunday, April 29, 2007

Hard time this morning...

I usually write my posts in Word before transferring them over to blogger. Today I've written 3 pages and won't put any of it up...yet.

In attempting to pass more advice to my son, I'm having a hard time maintaining a cohesive line of reasoning. The problem is too many topics emerge as I'm trying to get a point across.

The attempt this morning was going to be "Perception is reality."

Start down this path and you may find yourself talking about first impressions, your appearance, situational awareness in public settings, private conversations and the trouble an offhand remark can produce, planning (or the lack thereof!), etc.

In my three written pages this morning I hit every one of those things. Each is worthy of a post, but taken as a whole, too large for a single one. So I'm going to insert this "placeholder" and mull these thoughts over on my ride.

Riding a motorcycle can be therapeutic. Even if you're in the middle of a large group, riding along on your bike is a very personal experience. You can enjoy the scenery, practice your technique, blow off steam, create adrenaline, or just transport yourself from one location to another. I personally find myself doing many of those things...all while paying attention to the road. Today will find me thinking about perceptions...

Should be a good time!

Back tonight...I hope.


Buck Pennington said...

Riding a motorcycle can be therapeutic.

Truer words never spoken. I used to equate riding with Zen in the way-back, mainly because sport riding requires total concentration. With one possible exception (I'll let your imagination drive that), riding a bike rapidly is the most-focused activity I've ever undertaken.

OTOH, those long drones across vast empty spaces (like here in NM) can facilitate lots of thought. Both are good, but I like the sporting rides a lot better...

Anxiously awaiting your next few posts...

Anonymous said...

Agree with Dad... (I rarely, if ever disagree)

I ride 10 miles south from where I'm living now to work and I spend 8 of those miles on an interstate and Highway 75. I've got to keep my head on a swivel due to poor driving habits of the other people on the road, but I also have no radio to distract me and this condition inevitably leads to deep thoughts.

I enjoy my commute.