Sunday, January 21, 2007

Using Dad's blog as a springboard to the quiz below, I find I'm Dune. This pleases me. Interesting...

You're Dune!

by Frank Herbert

You have control over a great wealth of resources, but no one wants to
let you have them. You've decided to try to defend yourself, but it may take eons before
you really get back what you feel you deserve. Meanwhile you have a cult-like following
of minions waiting for your life to progress. This would all be even more exciting if you
could just get the sand out of your eyes.

Take the Book Quiz
at the Blue Pyramid.

I'm enjoying what's left of this weekend and readying myself to get caught up at work tomorrow. I've been off for ten days now and it has been NICE!

10 days from now I'll be in Albuquerque for a quick-turn (in the afternoon of the 30th out on the 31st). The commander almost solely responsible for my becoming an officer is pinning on Colonel. I feel I should be there. It helps that my oldest daughter lives in ABQ and Southwest is sooo very inexpensive.

That's all for now...


Buck Pennington said...

Didja see that there are 64 possible results for that quiz? I find that particular quiz pretty danged interesting...

Just who are these minions of yours, anyway? :-)

Laurie said...

My results made no sense at all. See your Dad's comments on his post on this subject for more. LOL!

Anonymous said...

I too took the quiz and don't remember which book I was... something about Law, which made no sense to me since I routinely break it whenever I drive.
It took me a week to find that you've posted an update, a little early this quarter? I have no room to comment, but that obviously didn't stop me... wait, I'm ranting on the wrong blog.